CDN Providers and Links

Most web projects take advantage of online code libraries the most familiar (to me anyway) being Bootstrap, Fontawesome and Jquery.

I found it handy to have a Notepad++ file with all the relevant links already saved so I can just cut and paste where necessary.

There are a quite a few CDN companies which provide these services but the most comprehensive and seemingly the most reliable are Google and the CDNJS website.

If you visit the links provided you will see just how many code library services there are available and to a newbie like myself like wow! Is there really this much? My head already hurts some/most days.

For anyone who isn’t sure what a Content Delivery Network is here are a few more links.

I hope you find these short posts useful, they are short but I need most of my time for my own coding practice. Have a fun day. ;o)

Wolf Moon Eclipse in Leo!

Hey ho!!! Recently I began to learn about Web Development and have made the time in my life to get stuck into learning it. Practicing coding, following tutorials and getting to know how to set up and muddle my way around the dev environment.

I have seen several videos speaking about side projects. One idea is to start my own blog and share my experiences and post the solutions I have had to seek out while studying. Hopefully to help others just starting out on a similar path and have some fun along the way.

This first blog is probably not the most interesting I haven’t got my head around WordPress yet but I had to say something as today is the day. By chance, it happened to be the eclipse in Leo early this a.m., I was up all night trying to put together the things I have learned to make a respectable looking web page and feel a sense of accomplishment and have something nice to look at while I can still see ;D

At this moment it is quite late, I think it’s 02.13 a.m. and my mind is a little tired after a late night and a relatively early rise so I will keep this short for now but just to say to anyone to may happen this way……hello world!!!