Ouch! That Code Hurts My Brain. – Sihui Huang

Ouch! That code hurts my brain!

Notes for my talk in Rubyfuza 2018 and Bath Ruby 2018. (Click here for the video.) Welcome to this talk: Ouch! That code hurts my brain. Raise your hands if the following scenario sounds familiar to you. After a day of work, you feel exhausted and have a headache. You get back home feeling so tired that you don’t want to say a single word. You close your eyes and feel the pain inside of your head. Anyone? This talk is about how to turn code from brain-hurting to brain-friendly. I’m Sihui. I work at a startup called I blog at… Continue reading →

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Fancy Buttons CSS Course

Here’s a video I found while I was looking for a simple CSS buttons tutorial. In general I was looking for some CSS button tutorial to start coding some mobile first web sites based on a list of top mobile designs as it seems that this is the way things are going.

It’s a guy from FreeCodeCamp and it’s an awesome video, it’s 3,15 a.m. here and I have completed the first section but now it’s time for bed and I’ll crack on in the morning.

Have a good night all ;o)

Cool buttons!!! ;o)