The best totally free web fonts & typefaces – DESK Magazine

Quality, free web fonts are difficult to come by these days. The best place I could think to find them: Twitter. Beautiful typefaces are usually an investment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable ones. Tobias recently asked for recommendations on Twitter for completely free typefaces, and there was no shortage of options. Here …

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Getting Started With CSS calc () — Smashing Magazine

I first discovered the `calc()` function more than four years ago, thanks to [CSS3 Click Chart](, and I was absolutely delighted to see that basic mathematical computations — addition, subtraction, multiplication and division — had found their way into CSS. A lot of people think preprocessors fully cover the realm of logic and computation, but the `calc()` function can do something that no preprocessor can: **mix any kind of units**. Preprocessors can only mix units with a fixed relation between them, like angular units, time units, frequency units, resolution units and certain length units.

Source: Getting Started With CSS calc () — Smashing Magazine