Ouch! That Code Hurts My Brain. – Sihui Huang

Ouch! That code hurts my brain!

Notes for my talk in Rubyfuza 2018 and Bath Ruby 2018. (Click here for the video.) Welcome to this talk: Ouch! That code hurts my brain. Raise your hands if the following scenario sounds familiar to you. After a day of work, you feel exhausted and have a headache. You get back home feeling so tired that you don’t want to say a single word. You close your eyes and feel the pain inside of your head. Anyone? This talk is about how to turn code from brain-hurting to brain-friendly. I’m Sihui. I work at a startup called I blog at… Continue reading →

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Fancy Buttons CSS Course

Here’s a video I found while I was looking for a simple CSS buttons tutorial. In general I was looking for some CSS button tutorial to start coding some mobile first web sites based on a list of top mobile designs as it seems that this is the way things are going.

It’s a guy from FreeCodeCamp and it’s an awesome video, it’s 3,15 a.m. here and I have completed the first section but now it’s time for bed and I’ll crack on in the morning.

Have a good night all ;o)

Cool buttons!!! ;o)

CDN Providers and Links

Most web projects take advantage of online code libraries the most familiar (to me anyway) being Bootstrap, Fontawesome and Jquery.

I found it handy to have a Notepad++ file with all the relevant links already saved so I can just cut and paste where necessary.

There are a quite a few CDN companies which provide these services but the most comprehensive and seemingly the most reliable are Google and the CDNJS website.

If you visit the links provided you will see just how many code library services there are available and to a newbie like myself like wow! Is there really this much? My head already hurts some/most days.

For anyone who isn’t sure what a Content Delivery Network is here are a few more links.

I hope you find these short posts useful, they are short but I need most of my time for my own coding practice. Have a fun day. ;o)